Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Roasted Red Pepper Soup with Blogger CLUE

I will confess to buying many cardboard cartons of red pepper soup. You know, the ones gracing the shelves of your local Trader Joe's, beckoning you with their soupy, comforting, and ready-made glory! I will also confess that I'm sometimes sorta (totally!) lazy and don't plan ahead. And also that soup from a carton tastes pretty good, especially after a long day of work capped off by cleaning baby throw-up from a car seat. Why do car seats have so many crevices? Why why why?

The thing is, every time I buy that magical carton of red pepper soup, I think, I could totally make this. And then two weeks later, I find myself buying another few cartons because well work. And life. And do not even get me started on the baby throw up. I know you know the drill. That's why we're friends!

Luckily this month's Blogger CLUE theme was soup so I was forced to get my lazy self in gear. I was paired with Karen of Lavender and Lovage and it was so much fun to get to know her blog better. Karen is a writer and recipe developer who splits her time between England and France where she spends her days cooking delicious meals and taking gorgeous food pictures. If you think that sounds ideal, check out her Pear and Walnut Cake or her Chocolate and Violet Fancies. I seriously had to force myself to look for a soup recipe because I wanted to make one of her gorgeous desserts so badly!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Apricot Muffins with Blogger CLUE

This morning, I ran out of the house wearing two mismatched socks and a tie-dyed scrunchie. A scrunchie, people! Hello, 1986 called and wants its wardrobe back. And the worst part? I totally realized it but we were already running late and I was just too rushed to care.

You see, mornings continue to be utter chaos in our house. Both of our babies are young enough to need help brushing their teeth and getting ready but old enough to flail around and loudly and determinedly exclaim, "I do it myself! Myseeeeeeeelf!" Add in packing lunches, organizing bags, and loading the car and you have the perfect recipe for being on time, well, just about never. The worst part? Breakfast. We try to feed the babies a healthy breakfast (generally oatmeal) but they're never into it and we basically end up chasing them around the house so they eat a few bites. Often, I squish in the backseat and sit in between their giant car seats and feed them their oatmeal on the way. There is no better reminder that I ate far too many cookies this holiday season than forcing myself to fit into the 12 inch space between two monstrous car seats. While wearing my puffy winter coat.

All this to say that when this month's Blogger CLUE theme of "Eat Healthy" was announced, I frantically searched my blog buddy Stacy's blog, Food Lust People Love, for a healthy breakfast recipe that the babies would eat on their own. Preferably with me in the front seat.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Mexican Rice Bowl with Creamy Avocado Sauce

Happy 2016 y'all! I hope you had a fantastic new year. We celebrated with our babies, friends and our friends' babies. We ate far too many desserts, watched the ball drop on the East Coast, and were in bed by 10:30 p.m. It was lovely!

After a holiday season and a new year filled with treats, I'm ready to start the new year with a goal. Not a resolution, mind you. Resolutions always get tossed by the wayside come March. No, this is more a goal that we will work on together. This year, I hope to be more mindful of what we're eating.

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