Monday, September 28, 2015

Weeknight Roasted Garlic and Chicken Sausage Pasta

On a normal day last week, the Hubster rushed to catch the train home and rescued our car from a parking lot that is 5.4 miles away from the train station and still costs more than parking in the train lot (which has space for 3.25 cars because you know, our city has only 3 people who commute to work everyday and the city planners actually did us a favor by allocating that extra 1/4 space for those days when it's particularly busy). He then picked up Little Lady, swung back around to pick me up, we all went to pick up Little Man, and we all came tumbling home. Along the way, the babies refused to eat the snacks I'd so carefully packed this morning, and remembered to bring to work, then bring back for this very journey. Instead, they politely voiced their concern about this never ending car ride. We finally made it home where we spent the next 19.5 minutes unloading the car of backpacks, lunch boxes, diaper bags, and half an old banana.

Our weekdays are a heavily synchronized dance of pickups and dropoffs, daycare and grandparent days, delayed trains, traffic jams, and road closures. By the time we hit dinner time, we are beat. I'm guessing you are too. Whether you work at home, have the best/worst commute ever, whether you work in a big office or a small one, or in your home, or on the road, that dinner time crunch is the worst.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Peach Streusel Bread with Blogger CLUE

Sometimes, when I have a lot going on and things start to slip, I'll remark offhandedly, "Oh, I must be losing it." This week, that statement took on a whoooooole new meaning my friends. It was time for our monthly game of CLUE, the theme was pears, apples, and pumpkins and I was assigned Lauren's blog Sew You Think You Can Cook. So far so good. I hopped on over to Lauren's blog and learned that she left her job as an aerospace engineer to stay at home with her adorable son and hopes to become a caterer. Judging by her delicious recipes, she's well on her way. I quickly settled on her fantastic looking Pear Coffee Cake because um hello, cake! And um hello again, streusel!

Then, I made the five minute journey to my neighborhood grocery store, grabbed my goods, rolled on home, and commenced caking. I took the "pears" out of the bag, washed 'em, and got set to peeling when I realized I wasn't holding a pear. I was staring at a peach and it was staring right back at me. For a brief and hopeful second, I thought maybe I'd gotten peaches and pears so I reached in to the bag hoping it was like some sort of genie bag that magically created things that I knew darn well were not there. I obviously came up empty handed. I am not sure how in the span of five minutes, my brain took pears and turned them in to peaches except to say, they both start with the letter p so maybe that's worth an A for effort?

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Butter Chicken Pasta in Ramadan

We're smack in the middle of Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting, and I am not ashamed to admit that it's challenging. The not eating all day is tough but the no coffee? Now THAT is the true test. Sometimes, I linger in the kitchen at work when I see someone making a cup of coffee in the hopes that the smell is enough to keep me going. Coffee through osmosis is a thing, y'all!

Some (most) days, the only thing that gets me through is planning out my evening meal in great detail. That's sort of a consistent theme from Ramadans past. I'm not talking about a general plan of what I'm going to have for dinner. Oh heck no. I actually make a list of the things I'm going to eat in the order I'm going to eat them. Not a mental list mind you. Not even a iPhone list. Oh no. This is a full on paper and pen list because the act of writing down my food choices on a yellow notepad convinces me that it's really going to happen. Try it, it works. Fasting folks, you can thank me later.