Monday, July 14, 2014

Cinnamon'y Sweet Potato Puree and a Giveaway from Oxo

As a parent who loves food, I cannot wait to introduce my babies to solid food. I love seeing their faces when they try different flavors and textures and I totally dig how they have food favorites from such a young age. I don't love the extra laundry involving berry stains and pasta sauce but then again, you can't win all the time.

Little Man was an eater! We have a video of the first time we fed him rice cereal and he couldn't get enough. At one point in the video, he grabs the spoon and shoves it in his mouth because we just aren't feeding him fast enough. That eat-everything-in-sight baby is now a picky toddler and after a week of far too many meals involving plain white pasta, I watch that video in disbelief. Don't worry internets, we're still offering him lots of variety, including fruits and vegetables and whole grains, and hoping he'll come around when he's ready.

After feeding an uber picky toddler for the last few months, I'm definitely ready to feed another (hopefully) eat-everything-in-sight baby again. The Hubster jokes that I've been planning Little Lady's first meal of solid food even before she was born. So when Oxo sent over a box of their fantastic products designed to make homemade baby food an easy and fun process, I was totally on board. Like all Oxo products, their baby food products are cute and functional like their Baby Blocks Freezer Storage Containers which allow you to make a big batch of baby food, and freeze it in single serving portions. Plus, the containers have lids to prevent freezer burn and funky freezer smells.

The good folks at Oxo are giving you a chance to win your very own set of OXO Tot #FirstBites tools (including all the fantastic tools in the picture above!) along with a Seedling High Chair! You can enter via the submission form at the end of this post.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tillamook Farmer's Market and Dark Chocolate Sour Cream Muffins

Last week, the good folks at Tillamook invited me to a farmer's-market-style launch party to introduce their newest products. Since I was already a huge fan of their ice cream, I of course said yes. Plus, it would work out perfectly since we already planned to be in the city that morning to go to the San Francisco zoo. It made total sense right? Two adults, two babies, two back-to-back events. It was a bit crazy but we were feeling lucky. Or crazy.

After a full day at the zoo, it was time to hit up the pop-up farmer's market and both Little Man and Little Lady were minutes away from total meltdown. So we did what any sane parents would do. Placated Little Man with a lollipop, popped Little Lady in her Ergo, and made a mental pact to bolt from the event at the first sign of either kid truly losing it. That grin on my face? It's the grin of a crazed woman operating on borrowed time. Who was attempting to strike a pose. Unsuccessfully, I might add. Awk. Ward.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Coffeehouse Blueberry Lemon Bars

When I was in college, my parents owned a small coffee shop on Main Street. The Old Time coffee shop was bordered on one side by a dusty shop that sold random tchotchkes (think ceramic pigs with Paris, Tokyo, New York, etc. printed in sparkly letters) and on the other, by a hair salon where the owner always gave you a Farah Fawcett haircut because she was too busy yelling at her pet parrot in Chinese while cutting your hair. Across the street, there was a grocery store with crispy Peking Ducks hanging in the window and in the back, it sold the best empanadas, chow mein, and burritos. All under one roof. Main Street was a lot like the Mission in San Francisco. Diverse and vibrant with a very clear pulse.

Old Time was well, old. The tables and chairs creaked. The sign with the daily specials was faded. And the back wall of the shop was occupied by a large rickety bookshelf housing yellowed, dog-eared copies of Dickens and Dostoyefsky which was strange because no one ever came there to read. In short, there was nothing "cool" about it. No baristas with edgy tattoos and piercings, no Indie music streaming, and definitely no trendy, hot patrons.