Monday, January 16, 2017

Roasted Vegetable and Barley Salad

Happy 2017 friends! I hope you had a fantastic holiday season and are almost over that awkward New Year's resolution phase. You know the one I'm talking about right? The one where you commit to eating salads and going to the gym everyday only to find yourself eating french fries on day 2? Yup, that one. As for me, I know I'm never going to quit french fries so I can only hope to balance them out with some salad eating the rest of the time.

Now if we're going to be eating salads, can we please just agree they won't be the the light and leafy kinds? At least not all of the time? I mean seriously, we're eating salads. Can we at least make them a bit less painful and a lot more filling? My solution is to always add a grain. If you add farro, couscous, or my new love, barley, to a salad, all of a sudden, it becomes less of a salad and more of a hearty grain bowl. I'll often cook up a giant batch of [insert favorite grain of choice here] at the start of the week and use it for various meals throughout the week. It's weird but just having a container of cooked grains in the fridge helps me feel prepared and best of all, healthy.

Don't believe me? Allow me to introduce you to the Roasted Vegetable and Barley Salad. It's a big ol' bowl of comfort but in salad form. Gosh, I never thought I'd use comfort and salad in the same sentence. Unless that sentence was, "French fries are comforting and salad is not." But hear me out. We all know I'm a huge fan of roasted vegetables like this Roasted Cauliflower or these Honey Roasted Sriracha Carrots. Combine those roasted vegetables with my new love of grains and my January commitment to healthy eating and ta-da! You have the Roasted Vegetable and Barley Salad. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Roasted Red Pepper Soup with Blogger CLUE

I will confess to buying many cardboard cartons of red pepper soup. You know, the ones gracing the shelves of your local Trader Joe's, beckoning you with their soupy, comforting, and ready-made glory! I will also confess that I'm sometimes sorta (totally!) lazy and don't plan ahead. And also that soup from a carton tastes pretty good, especially after a long day of work capped off by cleaning baby throw-up from a car seat. Why do car seats have so many crevices? Why why why?

The thing is, every time I buy that magical carton of red pepper soup, I think, I could totally make this. And then two weeks later, I find myself buying another few cartons because well work. And life. And do not even get me started on the baby throw up. I know you know the drill. That's why we're friends!

Luckily this month's Blogger CLUE theme was soup so I was forced to get my lazy self in gear. I was paired with Karen of Lavender and Lovage and it was so much fun to get to know her blog better. Karen is a writer and recipe developer who splits her time between England and France where she spends her days cooking delicious meals and taking gorgeous food pictures. If you think that sounds ideal, check out her Pear and Walnut Cake or her Chocolate and Violet Fancies. I seriously had to force myself to look for a soup recipe because I wanted to make one of her gorgeous desserts so badly!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Fancy Food Show 2016

I've been lucky enough to attend the Fancy Food Show to check out the latest happenings in the food world for a few years now (20152014201320122011). Each year I think, this is the year it's going to feel normal and just sort of blah. But nope, it continues to be more and more awesome each year. The industry just keeps coming out with items that are even more innovative and the show continues to present them in a fun and fantastic way.

So let's get down to it, shall we? Here are some of my favorite finds from this year's show. In no particular order, I present to you:

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