I was never one of those kids that dreamed of being a ballerina. That's probably a good thing because knowing their first born wanted to be a ballerina would likely have sent my immigrant parents packing for the motherland. I always knew I wanted to be a lawyer, defending civil rights and otherwise saving the world. I just didn't realize it would entail working 60 hour weeks, researching legal minutiae, and contemplating case law in the shower.

One day, I looked around and realized that all of my friends had the same glazed look in their eyes as they glumly ate their microwaved Lean Cuisines. We had no hobbies, no free time, and certainly, no lunch options.

I started cooking to maintain some semblance of sanity in my otherwise chaotic life. In keeping with the theme of maintaining my sanity, this blog is truly a team effort. I'm the cook and writer but the hubster is the editor, tech support, photographer and taste tester. This blog has definitely been one of my best adventures! I've met some great people, had some fabulous opportunities, and have certainly expanded my lunch options.
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