Monday, July 14, 2014

Cinnamon'y Sweet Potato Puree and a Giveaway from Oxo

As a parent who loves food, I cannot wait to introduce my babies to solid food. I love seeing their faces when they try different flavors and textures and I totally dig how they have food favorites from such a young age. I don't love the extra laundry involving berry stains and pasta sauce but then again, you can't win all the time.

Little Man was an eater! We have a video of the first time we fed him rice cereal and he couldn't get enough. At one point in the video, he grabs the spoon and shoves it in his mouth because we just aren't feeding him fast enough. That eat-everything-in-sight baby is now a picky toddler and after a week of far too many meals involving plain white pasta, I watch that video in disbelief. Don't worry internets, we're still offering him lots of variety, including fruits and vegetables and whole grains, and hoping he'll come around when he's ready.

After feeding an uber picky toddler for the last few months, I'm definitely ready to feed another (hopefully) eat-everything-in-sight baby again. The Hubster jokes that I've been planning Little Lady's first meal of solid food even before she was born. So when Oxo sent over a box of their fantastic products designed to make homemade baby food an easy and fun process, I was totally on board. Like all Oxo products, their baby food products are cute and functional like their Baby Blocks Freezer Storage Containers which allow you to make a big batch of baby food, and freeze it in single serving portions. Plus, the containers have lids to prevent freezer burn and funky freezer smells.

The good folks at Oxo are giving you a chance to win your very own set of OXO Tot #FirstBites tools (including all the fantastic tools in the picture above!) along with a Seedling High Chair! You can enter via the submission form at the end of this post.

And in a house filled with giant piles of laundry that I never get a chance to put away, millions of toys underfoot, and dirty dishes threatening to stage a revolt, it's important to add that homemade baby food takes just a few minutes to make so it's definitely doable. I like to make a few different kinds in one afternoon, freeze 'em up, and then thaw them as I need them over the next little while.

So, let's get to it. Introducing, homemade cinnamon'y sweet potato puree! This is a good one since sweet potatoes are a fantastic food to start out with. My babies love 'em plain and with all sorts of seasoning. I generally start out with a smooth, liquidy puree with minimal seasoning but gradually move to a chunkier version with seasoning because I want my babies to appreciate flavor. Clearly, I was successful with Little Man given his love plain white pasta. *Insert ironic laugh here*

Cinnamon'y Sweet Potato Puree!

4 sweet potatoes
1/8 tsp. cinnamon
Olive oil

Heat oven to 375F. Rinse and scrub sweet potatoes under running water. Peel sweet potatoes and cut in cubes.  Drizzle cookie sheet with olive oil and massage oil on to the sweet potato pieces. Roast sweet potatoes on baking sheet for 45 minutes or until tender. Remove from oven and cool. Blend the sweet potato pieces in a blender or food mill with a bit of water until smooth. Add the cinnamon and mix. Once babies are older, you can skip the blending and go straight to mashing for a chunkier, more toothsome consistency.

The giveaway in this post is sponsored by the fine folks at Oxo Tot. I received a set of Oxo #FirstBites tools to review but was not monetarily compensated for this post. All opinions (and tales of towering dirty dishes) are my own, obvs!


  1. I love this! I'm not even pregnant yet and I'm excited to make my own baby food :) My sister just had twins and I've already been asking her what her first solids plans are. This looks like a great recipe!


  2. Cinnamony sweet potato sounds delicious.

    I totally sympathize with your Little Man, since I was a very fussy toddler/kid too.

  3. So you made this cinnamony sweet potato puree for your little tykes...but...I think I could eat a whole bowl of it myself!
    I always find it so amusing how kids' palates are always evolving! My daughter went through a white foods face too - she would eat oats, grits, and bananas and be squeemish bout everything else - now - 15 years later, she detests oats and loves broccoli and green beans and squash...go figure! :)

  4. I am a huge sweet potato lover and my son (who is now 9) loves them, too. I remember feeding him lots of sweet potatoes as a baby, and with carrots, I was keeping an eye on him to make sure he didn't turn too orange! ; ) Your sweet potato puree with cinnamon sounds delicious - you can't get better than homemade food so he's a lucky fella.

  5. Oh I love sweet potatoes...and it was actually the first food we gave Lu! I have loved loved loved introducing solid foods to her. It's the best! And what a fabulous giveaway too!

  6. Our first (and only) grandbaby was raised on all sorts of homemade fresh veggie purees, but at age three will only eat canned green beans...go figure. We're hoping a little brother or sister will happen soon and be a veggie lover!

  7. Hehe, you crack me up lady with your towering dishes and dirty laundry but I totally hear ya on that:) My son was a great eater as a baby and has started to get picky lately too. Hopefully it's a phase and they start to eat everything in sight when they become teens haha :) I am excited to start feeding our baby girl solids in 2 more weeks so this is perfect. Sweet potatoes will definitely be on the menu since I am a big fan too and yours sounds great with the cinnamon :)

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