Thursday, July 25, 2013

Getting Lucky with Mocha Icebox Cake

Every now and then, you get lucky. You grab a four leaf clover, you spot a rainbow, you find real friends amidst the people you work with. Don't get me wrong, it's easy to find professional commonality with colleagues but to find someone who can dissect last night's Game of Thrones episode with you and also thinks this internet meme hilarious? Yup, pure luck.

See, I am super blessed to work in an office full of young mammas. There's nothing that bonds women together like spit-up on suits or harrowing tales of 3am wake up calls. It's also a huge relief to know someone has your back when you're home battling projectile well-you-know with a sick baby. But more than the comfort of having young mammas as colleagues, I'm glad to be able consider these women my friends.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Ice Cream Sandwiches for Dinner

It has been nuts around here these past few weeks. Nuts, I tell you. Little Man came down with a stomach bug that resulted in a whole lot of grossness (and carpet cleaner), I went to a 4 day work conference (that resulted in me coming home with a whole lot of awesome tchotchkes like a troll pencil topper), we took an all too short family vacation to Vancouver, only to come home to a broken sprinkler that had created a moat around our house. Oh, and Ramadan started so the lack of coffee has resulted in an all too predictable lack of coherence and efficiency on my part. See, I told you it's been nuts.

So when the good folks at Tillamook contacted me to see if I wanted to sample some of their ice cream in celebration of National Ice Cream Month, all I could gratefully say was, "Yes, please." Somewhere in the middle of all the chaos above, Tillamook sent over not one but six containers of ice cream in the mail. An actual ice cream delivery?! Be still my heart. It was like a much needed gift from God. A perfectly cold and creamy gift.

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