Monday, January 30, 2012

A Cookie Giveaway and a Fancy Food Show 2012 Recap

*Giveaway is now closed. The lucky winner is Lys of Liz Lemon Nights!*

I love trying new food items and want that to be my full time job. I thought I made that clear when I put out my call for work as a full-time food show attendee after attending last year's NASFT Fancy Food Show. Looks like the food show gods weren't listening. So until I get my full-time food show attendee job, I guess I will have to settle for going once a year and eating a year's worth of food in one day. As always, the show had a spectacular array of delicious and strange treats for the eating. Here is my list of stand-out treats (and you know they are awesome if I am writing about the five of them amongst the 1500 other things I ate).

1) Remember those cheese balls you ate as a kid? The ones that left a delicious "cheese" dusting on your fingers? Well Snikiddy Cheese Puffs are like those cheese balls but WAY better. All-natural with even more delicious cheesy flavor, you owe it to your third grade self to try these.

2) I love me some fancy packaged candy. Don't get me wrong, I will totally eat a Kit Kat but I'd much rather eat chocolate in a fancy black bag with gold lettering. Especially when the chocolate in question is mint chocolate malt balls from Marich Premium Chocolate. And if the delicious chocolate wasn't enough, check out their super sweet company history.

3) A cracker made out of cheese? Just cheese? Oh heck yes. Enter Kitchen Table Baker's All Parmesan Crisp, a crispy cracker made from a blend of aged cheese and herbs. Perfect as a chip with your favorite dip or well, eaten straight from the box while contemplating making a dip.

4) Watch out popchips, there is a new and delicious player in town. Popped Crisps White Cheddar potato crisps are so darn good, I have no qualms admitting I could (and would!) eat a crate of them!

5) When the kind lady from Brandini Toffee told me their toffee was sold at Nordstrom, I confess I smirked a little. This was clearly the Louis Vuitton of toffee if it was sold at a fancy department store. After eating an entire bag of their toffee, heck I'm convinced they need to be selling their toffee at Saks.

Whenever I read a food event recap on someone else's blog, I always wish I could have been there too! So if you're wishing you were at the NASFT Fancy Food Show, here's a small way you can share in the food joy. The great folks at Byrd's Famous Cookies, a Savannah company famous for their, well, cookies, want to share the cookie love! They are giving one lucky winner a 1lb. bag of their assorted cookies (including their amazing Benne Wafers)! Leave a comment and tell me why you need some cookies in your life and maybe the random number generator will smile kindly on you.

Full disclosure: I tasted all of the products mentioned above (and many, many more judging from how tightly my pants are fitting) at the NASFT 2012 Winter Fancy Food Show. Some vendors were kind enough to send samples so I could continue to engage in the eating fest after the show was over. The opinions are my own of course, because well, it's my blog!


  1. Love love going to places like this, wish i was there too.

  2. I need cookies because everyday is better with them and who doesn't want to have a better day? :)

  3. i need cookies... they can fix anything and I am having a rough day.

  4. I need cookies because I lost my job this month :(

  5. Your dream job as food show attendee sounds awesome. You need to make that a real job! Forget lawyering, bring on the delicious food binges!

    I've had snikkidy snacks before and agree they are really good but any slight health advantage was erased by my polishing off an entire bag. If only they made a hot cheetos equivalent.

    Oh and I need cookies because my cookie liver gets sad without anything yummy to metabolize.

  6. Ooooooh, Melissa really needs the cookies. I would just put mine in Dudette's lunchbox.

    This was fun to read about. Can you believe I've never been to one of those food shows? I don't even know if they have them on this coast. You'll just have to continue going in my stead, ok?

  7. wowzer, can I have a little of each please.

  8. I'd love to have some cookies in my life because they'd make my mornings MUCH easier when packing Roo's lunch. Yes, I pack his lunch. Yes, he's a grown man. But that's besides the point. We're talking about ease for my pre-coffee, I can't believe I just woke up and now have to find items to throw into Roo's lunch bag, brain. If these cookies were mine, I'd know what to grab (a handful of cookies), instead of searching my ridiculously un-organized cupboards for what he can eat at "snack time." (School teacher = privilege of snack time. Envy.)

  9. I need a pound of cookies because . . . just, because! LOL


  10. I need cookies because they make everything better.

  11. Here's why I need a good cookie in my life:

    My nanny quit on me. I'm working more than ever! My husband doesn't do anything to help. He doesn't even boil his own eggs.

    Yes, really.

    Maya is super dependent on me too. I guess she should be seeing as she's only 6 but it's bothersome nonetheless. I had no time to dry my hair this morning so it's a frizzy mess. Actually I'm kind of a mess overall and most importantly I'm hungry because I have no time to eat!

    Did that long essay earn me a cookie? Please Mr. Random Generator?

  12. I need cookies to give to my girlfriend so she will love me more. <3

  13. Did you know that you can make those Parmesan crisps at home? They're super easy!

    My family would be thrilled to have some cookies in the house. And I'm sure those aren't just ANY cookies!


  14. Okay, why wasn't I at this event? I would have pulled out my next size up pants as a sacrifice, he, he. We missed you. Well you know how much I need cookies in my life. Maybe the random number generator god will smile upon me! If you do find that cush job, make sure and share some of the goodies with a friend.

  15. I love cute places like this....mmmm cookies:)

  16. Man, I think I missed out on this giveaway! I'm like you though, I would love nothing more than to attend food shows and get paid for it!

    You've been tagged, BTW!


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