Friday, April 16, 2010

My First and Only Cooking Class

When we lived in the Bay Area, our friends Ted and Donna Chan* lived in a swanky apartment that had cooking classes. Cooking classes! Every week, a personal chef would come and show residents, primarily software engineers, how to move away from their computers and into the kitchen (it was, afterall, the Silicon Valley). Ted and Donna happened to be vegetarians and weren't particularly interested. I, on the other hand, was neither a vegetarian nor a software engineer. I was definitely interested!

I convinced Ted and Donna to let me be their "neighbor" and take me to one of the classes. The chef demonstrated this amazing chicken chili. I happened to be fasting that day so I'm sure he could've demonstrated peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and I would've thought they were awesome after an entire day of not eating. Ted and Donna were unable to eat the chicken chili but I was happy to eat their share. From that day, his recipe became my go-to recipe for chicken chili. Years later, I discovered an eerily similar recipe on Epicurious and I tried not to be too devastated. I guess even chefs have to get their recipes from somewhere.

A few weeks later, I wanted to go to another cooking class. Ted and Donna were unable to attend but said I could go in their place. I didn't think I could pull off being Ted or Donna Chan. Heck, I had a better chance of being Ted Chan than the stunningly beautiful Donna. Plus, the bulletin said the chef was demonstrating bacon biscuits and as the hubster likes to say (often), "We don't dine on swine." I figured even with all the recipe tweaking in the world, I couldn't rock a bacon biscuit. And alas, that was the end of my interloping ways.

*Names have been changed to protect the vegetarians.


  1. Your vegetarian friends are too cool! :)

  2. The reason that's your only cooking class is 'cuz you never needed it in the first place. You have mad culinary skills as it is!


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