Tuesday, April 6, 2010

For the Love of Lunch!

You know the scenes in all the law movies where distinguished associates walk composedly down quiet, plush hallways? Those scenes weren't filmed at my office. Our day is filled with emergency court filings, panicked research, and my personal favorite, trying to get clients off the bus that will remove them from the U.S. Think ER but with attorneys.

Lunch is my time to reclaim what's left of my sanity. No nuked Lean Cuisine and office gossip in the lunchroom for me. No siree. I hide out behind my computer monitor, stealthily eating my (hopefully) fabulous lunch and praying the paralegals or partners don't find me for the next twenty minutes.

While eating, I read food blogs. I have come to realize there are beautiful food blogs out there. Let's be real- this will not be a beautiful food blog. Sadly, I don't have time to make a gorgeous Beef Wellington, complete with homemade pate and puff pastry. Plus, my pictures are always slightly wonky. Oh, and I don't like foam on my food. Yes, even foam flavored with a hint of lemon and star anise.

I like making what I call "international comfort food." Think meatloaf and mashed potatoes but from around the world. I generally make large batches of food on the weekends so I'm not forced to eat packaged ramen during the week (although in the interest of full disclosure, a solid cook can really rock the packaged ramen. I'm just sayin'). This strategy also gives me more time to longingly read about the amazing home cooks who grow their own vegetables, bake their own bread and milk their own cows. Again with the full disclosure- I will never milk a cow.

Welcome to the documentation of my culinary successes (and the failures too, I guess). And yup, I realize now that my secret is out there, I can no longer hide behind my computer monitor. I wonder if they'd find me if I hid under my desk?


  1. I love that you're doing this and I have you bookmarked! I love to cook too and prefer to brown bag whenever possible (when employed, that is) :) Eating fast food is almost a crime of moral turpitude! One of my food blog favorites is smittenkitchen.com, fyi.

  2. I love it! Azmina, in the interest of humanity, you should consider offering a 'bulk cooking class for dummies'. We could bring our own groceries to your kitchen or we could meet at a neutral kitchen. I can't cook ANYTHING. In fact, one time I cooked, and my dog wouldn't eat it. I am so not joking about that.
    BTW--I'm with you on milking the cow. Ewwww.

  3. Lisa- People were giving me weird looks when I told them my hobby was eating so I'm hoping "blogging" is a better answer. Holy Batman- Smitten Kitchen is awesome. I added it to my list :)

    Susan- What an awesome idea! BH said she'd take my cooking class so we have two people on board :)

  4. AMOR! This is beautiful . . . just love it! Count me in too for the cooking class - seriously. Plus the kiddo would appreciate it too. Whatever we eat ends in in the "bullet" for him and I know my poor baby is tired of my 6 meals - - - yup, a very short list.

  5. Bravo Azmina my fellow lawyer :) I felt like I was reading about a day in my own life. You're not at all alone, I'm living the same mad, mechanical life as you are.

    Funny how I also thoroughly enjoy going through food blogs in my perhaps only 20 minutes of break from work at lunch time, and thats when everyone in the office remembers to send in more work and questions my way. Aaah!

    I am totally book marking your page to be inspired and hopefully one day end up with my own food blog - this is so cool haha :)

    And wow I love smittenkitchen too, Deb is a genious and does wonders with her grub!

    Infact I came across a comment of yours just a while ago on the spice spoon and knew I had to see what a fellow lawyer is doing writing a food blog :)

    All the best and glad I found my way to your page :)

  6. Rabya- I'm so glad you found this blog, as well! With you onboard, I am now one step closer to my secret goal of creating a contingent of fabulous, foodie, fashionista lawyers to squash all stereotypes of stodgy, dull, cigar smoking lawyers :) You should definitely start a blog- I've found the experience to be both therapeutic and inspiring! Welcome, friend :)


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